Car Care Tips

Bouncy Bouncy – Are My Shocks Bad?

When Orland Park drivers think about preventive maintenance, what usually comes to mind is oil, fluids and brakes. We don’t generally think about our shocks or struts, but these essential auto parts keep our tires on the road. Orland Park drivers don’t think about shocks as often as... Read More

Busted: The Maintenance-Free Myth In Orland Park

There’s a segment of the Orland Park population that’s not committed to proper vehicle maintenance. Mistaken perceptions have crept into the Illinois area over time. Many Orland Park motorists think the root lies in the fact that modern cars are so reliable. Reliability has improv... Read More

Why A Trip Inspection Is A Good Idea

At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Orland Park we get a lot of Orland Park auto owners asking about car trip preparation. That’s a big deal. You could be driving through mountains and deserts in some pretty lonely areas outside of Orland Park so it's important to know that the c... Read More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Orland Park News and Videos for Orland Park: Knowing When Your Timing Belt Should Be Replaced

The timing belt in your engine controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. Orland Park motorists need to replace it on a schedule to avoid failure. Timing belts are very challenging to get to, requiring quite a bit of labor to access. Timing belt replacement is one of the m... Read More

TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring For Your Orland Park Auto

Orland Park car owners may know that all 2008 model year and newer cars, mini-vans and light trucks in Orland Park come with a tire pressure monitoring system. Many slightly older vehicles around Orland Park have these systems as well. A tire pressure monitoring system – called TPMS ... Read More

Training Received by Technicians In Orland Park, Illinois

When your car breaks down in the Orland Park, Illinois area, or just needs some routine service, it can make Orland Park drivers a little nervous. Because your car’s so important to your life, you need to be back on the road as soon as possible. And with the problem fixed right the f... Read More

Clean Fuel – Clean Performance for Orland Park Drivers

Fuel filters clean the dirt, dust and debris out of your fuel. Both gasoline and diesel-powered engines have them. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the SUV engine. Orland Park drivers don’t need to filter their fuel because it has lots of grit in it; they need... Read More

All Lined Up: Wheel Alignment Service At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Orland Park

When all of your vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road hazard or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday driving in Orland Park can cause your SUV's wheels to be out of alignment. Driving for an extended time i... Read More

Keeping Your Car Young in Orland Park

As Orland Park consumers, we live in a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast in Illinois, and much of it is fairly cheap, so we just toss the old and move on. It seems like when we were kids in Orland Park, our parents were real sti... Read More

Custom Wheels and Tires For Your Orland Park Ride

It seems like everywhere you go in the Orland Park area you see custom wheels. Big trucks, little cars, mini-vans - it doesn't matter, auto owners are expressing themselves with custom wheels. Some Illinois motorists want smaller tires and wheels - some want larger - and some want th... Read More


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