Car Care Tips

Lease or Buy?

Video: Lease? Or buy? These are the options for Orland Park drivers. It's always a tough question for auto owners, but here is some info that'll help you make an informed decision.If you buy, you'll pay the full cost of the vehicle, maybe an initial down payment, monthly payments on the balance that pa... Read More

Arrive Alive in Orland Park

Video: We've all seen drivers do crazy things while driving to or from Orland Park. A guy shaving in the rear-view mirror, a woman applying makeup, people talking on their phones, texting or drinking from an enormous coffee mug. It's a wonder we even dare drive on Illinois roads.The truth is that all o... Read More

E-85 Fuel Safety Advice from Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park

Video:   Today at Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park we want to talk with you about a very important safety issue. This automotive safety warning is coming from a very unusual source: fire fighting experts. You've probably heard of E-85 gasoline being offered in the Orland Park area. Some... Read More

Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park Advice on Buying New Tires

Video: Today's tires and wheels offer a lot of options for every Orland Park driver's style, habits and driving conditions.Tires are designed for high-performance in winter or summer and even come in a long-wearing variety for all Illinois seasons.Orland Park off-roaders should be excited about the opt... Read More

Keep Your Cool in Orland Park: Air Conditioning Service

Video: Most Orland Park drivers don't even think about their air conditioner. Now here's a tip for Orland Park vehicle owners: Run your air conditioner every so often during Illinois winters. This circulates the lubricant to help keep the seals from drying out. The air conditioner actually removes som... Read More

A Cold Day in Orland Park – Air Conditioning Service at Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park

Video: Most Orland Park drivers worry about a breakdown or a tire blowout on a busy Illinois highway, but don't worry too much about failure of their air conditioning system. A breakdown on the side of the road can be a miserable and dangerous affair during Orland Park rush hour, but so can a long ride... Read More

Air Conditioning Maintenance at Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park in Orland Park

Video: Warm weather or cold, Orland Park drivers still need to think about their vehicle's air conditioning. Most Orland Park people don't service their air conditioning until after it fails. At Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park, we can advise you on your vehicle manufacturers preventive... Read More

AAA - Cautions in Extreme Heat

Video: {?video;480;360;;;/video?} With temperatures soaring to record highs around the country, AAA cautions motorists not to underestimate the ways in which extreme heat can wreak ... Read More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy TIre & Auto Service Center Orland Park: Brake Noise

Video: Your brake pads are the important parts that rub against the rotor (or disc) to slow and stop your car when driving in Orland Park. They eventually wear down.When your pads are worn too much, they won’t stop your vehicle as well. When the friction material is worn away, metal parts of the pad are... Read More

Orland Park Road Trip Preparation

Video: People from Orland Park, Illinois, love their cars. And nothing goes with cars better than a Illinois road trip. Freedom from daily schedules, new sights and the open road – it's great! But there's nothing like car trouble to bring the fun to a grinding halt.You can't always avoid problems, but ... Read More


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